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Finished helps you collect details about the work you do, as you do it, and rolls them up into announcements that you can publish to your team.

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For you

Give yourself a gold star

With Finished, stop struggling to remember what you did this week, this month, or this quarter. Use your notes to share with your team, get that promotion, or celebrate your contributions to success.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow
  • Log directly from GitHub or Slack
  • Easy to export for review or sharing
  • Free for individuals
For teams

Win as a team

Finished makes it easy to go beyond commit records, email updates and Slack comments to compile your team's progress. Encourage your team to remember, share, and celebrate their own accomplishments and the team as a whole.

  • Share better updates in less time
  • Celebrate individual contributors and the team
  • Improve team confidence and motivation
  • From $39/month
For companies

Build a culture of shipping

Share and celebrate your most important updates across the company or across individual business units with Finished. Build a culture of shipping and recognition across your organization, when everyone in your company can see what’s going on.

  • Filter the firehose by sharing only the most relevant updates
  • Choose how you share: Slack updates, email, or slide decks
  • Visible progress available to anyone who wants it
  • From $99/month

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